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Innovation and technological implementation are Stamperia Olonia's strong point. Thanks to continuous machinery and software components updating that manage them it's possible to have the traceability and the immediate control of all the machining which are performed in different departments, allowing to plan the working planning and ensuring punctually in deliveries.

Operation optimization

Conveyor belts and dedicated robots they simplify and speed up the movement of color bins, while an automated warehouse let the textile rapid warehousing during different machinings. Relieved of manpower practices, staff are allowed to focus on quality

The secret is in the organization

Olonia stands out for the close attention dedicated to company's organizational layout. To the productive technologies and control management systems, is added innovative materials movement techniques.

Traditional Stamp


Non satisfied of art state offered by printing machines producers we had to design and build 3 innovative rotative printing machines covered by international patent. Separate motorization of the two spindles of the printing heads is just one of the principal characteristics: we have reached the highest printing accuracy with details and subtleties never seen before. After the rotative "Altair"''s birth in the early 2000, "Vega" was born the world’s first fully technologically advanced press. Thanks to almost two decades experience, in 2019 year of 50th Olonia anniversary the new challenge: "Mira". The new press is able to print up to 15 colours in 320cm. height it's new reality and it's able to satisfy with the highest quality and speed all the desires of our customers.




    Machine with at least 320 H and 2 dyes, reactive and the other one


    Square metres establishment


    Millions of Meters printed per year



      Finishing is a set of operations allowing the production of fabrics according the fabric quality. The processes follow one the other and range from the treatment for digital printing to the final operations of careful inspection and packaging. Everything needs to comply, especially in these two last steps, with the original specific requests of the customer. Compliance with the “specifications” avoids any possible and unpleasant inconvenience during the print and the production.

      Easy-care finishing, Honey Touch technology, stain-repellent, Teflon-care, are just some of the results which we can achieve in finishing process. Thanks also to the calendering machines, both at cold and hot temperatures, it is possible to refine the fabric and give it greater fullness, improving the touch and shining. All fabrics up to 180-cm can also be sanforized. The purpose of this treatment is to achieve a controlled compressive shrinkage of the cotton and mixed fabrics with other natural or artificial cellulosic vegetable fibres, in order to get a dimensional stability in both directions (warp and weft), which will be suitable and guaranteed to the final packaged garments once they will be subjected to repeated washings.

      Quality Control

      Thanks to 2 fabric folding machines and 4 rolling machines, Stamperia Olonia can offer to his customers an accurate quality control service and a packaging totally customized. The fabrics can be doubled and folded, packed in pieces, rolls… any need is met. With the help of the technology available, any label or barcode can be customized according to the customer’s specific request. In addition to this, a much-automatized warehouse of the finished goods allows sorting and loading them in automatic and fast way, in order to reduce also in the final steps all the delivery times.