In the last few years, textile industry is focusing attention on a sustainable production. Stamperia Olonia has been lending this attention for nearly 15 years, period of time in which gained its first environment and quality integrated system certification.

Over the years, the company has delevoped an energy consumption monitoring system that would be totally computerised in early 2020, with the aid of a dedicated software that would let principal production lines' punctual monitoring.

Business policy bases its own principles on a sustainable production with the requirement of a safe working atmosphere. Therefore there's a machinery and plants replacement's continuous renewal with the goal to make them modern, powerful, safe and energetically affordable.

Sustainability is also guaranteed by placing close attention to chemical substances used in industrial processes. For this reason, Stamperia Olonia, espousing the principles of the most famous international certifications (Oeko-tex and GOTS) prefers low environmental impact products (free formaldeide, with low content of VOC, exc). Moreover to satisfy also highly sensitive customers' strictest requests to this theme has decided to join the ZDHC project.

Human resources are our reality's heartbeat, in fact the continuous work of raising awareness of them, about topics like sustainability and security in the performance of their duties helps to a better working atmosphere and a future generations' warrancy.

The intention to improve and optimize machinings dropped the company to be one of the most established nobilitation companies of the sector, as well as "Made in Italy" globally excellence warrancy.