Sustainability: health, safety and environment

In the last few years, the textile industry has been focusing attention on sustainable production.
Stamperia Olonia has been dedicating this attention for almost 15 years, when it got its first certification for integrated quality and environment system.

Over the years, the company has developed an energy consumption monitoring system, which will be completely computerized in the early months of 2020 thanks to a dedicated software, allowing a regular monitoring of the main production lines.

The company policy has made its own principles on sustainable production, requiring a safe working environment. For this reason, all systems and machinery are continuously renewed and replaced, aiming to get them modern, more efficient, safer and energy helpful.

To assure sustainability we pay particular attention to the chemicals used in our industrial processes. For this reason, in compliance with the most famous international certifications (OEKO-TEX and GOTS), Stamperia Olonia prefers to use products with low environmental impact (free formaldehyde, with low VOC content, etc.). In addition to this, in order to satisfy the customer requirements, particularly sensitive to this issue, Stamperia Olonia has decided to join the project ZDHC.

Human resources are the beating core of our reality, therefore we work continuously on their awareness on sustainability and safety issues while performing their duties, in order to favour a better working environment and give guarantees to the future generations.

Our will to improve and optimize the working processes has led the company to be one of the most successful in the textile finishing industry, as well as a worldwide guarantee of “Made in Italy” excellence.

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