Companies decide to log in to the certification to have privileged access to the marketplace, to be comply with specific legal requirements or to be equipped in front of the globalization, that requires increasingly sophisticated processes and increasingly precise and transparent accounting.

In case of Stamperia Olonia, the decision to certificate with an integrated system, quality and and environment, it maturated in 2005 by the management, so as to ensure needed attention to its own customers to supervise constantly machinings and impacts that derive from them, so as to be able to evaluate and operate them in the improvement to defend the future generations.

The intention to improve and optimize machinings dropped the company to be one of the most established nobilitation companies of the sector.

Customers trust and collaboration relationship with them makes us confident for the future and helps us in the continuous intention of used resources improvement and optimization.

This is the excellence guarantee that "Made in Italy" is able to give to the world.


Global Organic Textile Standard