The companies decide to enter the certification system in order to have a preferred access into the market, to be conform to specific law requirements and to be prepared to the globalisation, which requires more and more sophisticated processes and transparent accounting as well.

As for what concerns Stamperia Olonia, the management decided in 2005 to get an integrated system of certification, including quality and environment. This way, the company intends to guarantee to the customers the tracking of all the production steps at any time, and the resulting impacts as well. Besides that, we can make the procedure inspection and take all the necessary measures to make improvements and protect the future generations.

The willing to improve and optimize constantly all the processes has led the company to be one of the most important in the textile field.

The customer confidence and the good business relationships with them, allow us to believe in the future and in our plans, trying to get the best from the sources at our disposal. This is the best guarantee that the « Made in Italy » can offer the world.