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Stamperia Olonia, since 1969

The Firm

Founded in 1969, Stamperia Olonia is now integral part of the Liberty group and immediately became a leader in third-party production of natural printed fabrics for the home and clothing.

Over the years, thanks to a policy aimed at a constant look to the future, continuous investments have improved the processing technics, respect for the environment and safety. New Technologies, new markets, innovation, experimentation, certifications, all useful items for a continuous growth.


      Innovation and technology implementation are the strength of the company Stamperia Olonia.

      Thanks to the continuous updating of machinery and software, the whole production process in the different departments, can be tracked and checked immediately. This allows a better planning of the production and assure to fulfill the orders in time.

      Sustainability: health, safety and environment

      In the last few years, the textile industry has been focusing attention on sustainable production.
      Stamperia Olonia has been dedicating this attention for almost 15 years, when it got its first certification for integrated quality and environment system.

      Over the years, the company has developed an energy consumption monitoring system, which will be completely computerized in the early months of 2020 thanks to a dedicated software, allowing a regular monitoring of the main production lines.



        Global Organic Textile Standard

        OEKO-TEX Class I

        OEKO-TEX Class II


        We proudly serve our clients since 1969

        In 2014 Stamperia Olonia became part of the Liberty group. Based in central London, founded in 1875, Liberty London is located in a majestic building featuring a department store and a Fabrics division.
        With a tradition of over 80 years, Liberty printed fabrics are famous throughout the world for the characteristic charming flowers and the textile base Tana Lawn. This particular fabric in 100% cotton, is extremely fine, soft and resistant.
        Now 100% made in Italy, but in full British Style.